My Son Has Aspergers, Autism, Anxiety, Depression and College Credit Cards. – Laura

“Dear Steve,

My son who is 27 yrs old and currently on permanant disability for aspergers autism,anxiety disorder 300 and depression, he got caugh up in getting credits cards while attending school you know the ones, credit cards for students. Any way he will never be able to work and is currently getting social security disability benefits. what action can be taken other then bankrupcy because not only can he not afford it as social security is his only income and his mental capacity cannot handle bankrupcy court, I am on disability my self and my financial means is very limited…. Thank you for any help you can give me.


Dear Laura,

I think it would be beneficial for him to go bankrupt and permanently eliminate this past debt so you never have to deal with it again. The alternatives of ignoring collection attempts or fighting the debt is a much more stressful experience for both of you and his condition would not benefit from that path.

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