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Hey Steve my name is Debbie Mosley. I was going to head that consolidation company called Allegro but last night I was on the computer looking up Allegro and apparently Allegro is ripping customers off and I was wondering what I need to do about the situation. I want to see if I can cancel the contract I have with them.

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  • Steve,
    I have been with the Achievable for debt consolidation, which I guess is now Hess Kennedy?? I was never informed of this, and I was also paying them over $50 a month to pay my bills for me…and a non profit organization told me that they have a law that they can’t charge me over a certain amount. I now only pay them 30 dollars a month for their fee. This sounds a little fishy to me. The website they give me to view my account does not exist. I always end up waiting over a half an hour to get my calls answered. Other debt consolidation companies will not take over my problem, until I’ve cancelled with the achievable for at least a year. I don’t know what to do. Can you look into it for me, and give me some advice? The guy I signed up with told me and I quote…”When your payments are finished, your credit will be shining!” and I don’t think that is true either. Please help, Steve.


    • Becca,

      I don’t have a clue what kind of information they’ve been giving you. I bet your account is being serviced by Americorp since that is who serviced the Hess Kennedy accounts. The customer service response times sound par for the course with them.

      I’d suggest you call Tinamarie and get the straight scoop. See this previous post for contact information. She can help you switch.


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