Allegro Law Receivership Frozen by Bankruptcy Court. All Client Accounts are Closed.

I just got off the phone with the former Official Receiver of Allegro Law, Louis Colley. He broke some very unfortunate news to me regarding Allegro Law and how this impacts ALL Allegro Law clients. Allegro Law clients were broken up into two camps. One was the debt settlement camp and one was the debt … Read more

Can I Switch to Debt Settlement Services With You? – Nona

Nona “Dear Steve, I started debt settlement program with allegro law firm in jan 09m like many others, icannot get thru on phone, faxes are ignored. 3 weeks ago I requested a statement of my account, never received. Can I legally stop auto withdrawal from checking account without becoming “fair game” to creditors? I will … Read more

Allegro Law and Ripping Off Customers – Get Out of Debt Podcast

Here is the latest Get Out of Debt show podcast. Caller Question Hey Steve my name is Debbie Mosley. I was going to head that consolidation company called Allegro but last night I was on the computer looking up Allegro and apparently Allegro is ripping customers off and I was wondering what I need to … Read more

I Don’t Want to File Bankruptcy or Have My Wages Garnished. – Deanna

Deanna “Dear Steve, I also am having many issues with Allegro. I have stopped my payments to them and am working with my 2 creditors on my own. One creditor will lower my total due by $2,000, but I have to pay 3 payments of 2700.00 and I cannot do this. I do not want … Read more

Daisy Calls Again. Uncertain if Debt Settlement or Debt Management is Right for Her. – Get Out of Debt Podcast

Here is the latest Get Out of Debt show podcast. Caller Question Daisy called the other day and was concerned about getting a refund from Allegro Law now that they have been taken over by the state of Alabama. She wants to know how she can pick a good debt settlement or debt management program … Read more