Why Are UAE Debt Collectors Chasing Me in India?

“Dear Jon,

I worked in UAE in year 2006 and returned back after 6 months to my home country (India).

I got visa for USA and moved here in 2008. I have joint family in India, living in same house. One day, someone from some XYZ collections came to my home and asked about me. My relatives told I no longer lived there but what’s the issue? He told that I owe Credit Card debt in UAE which is around AED7000. I never ever used any credit card and before returning to India I cancelled all of them. These guys visited my house twice or thrice and threatened that I will be arrested, Won’t be able to travel abroad and lot of other BS.

My relatives asked there address and went to meet them, however they didn’t have that office location and later they said they have moved to new place. After they went to new place there was no office there too. The guys visited again and my relatives asked for Credit Card statements which they were again unable to provide.

I am financially sound and as per best of my knowledge I never had any credit card debt. I was Indian citizen that time now I am US citizen.

My question is, If I have to travel UAE for vacation, Can I be arrested for CC defaulter? Does my change in citizenship create any issue?

I have taken help from my friends in UAE and they have told me there is no credit card debt in my name from the bank those collections guy were. Is there anyway I can find that out?



Your situation does sound a bit strange, if you do not owe any debt, credit card or otherwise, why would someone chase you for it? Unless it may be a scam of some sorts, or a mixed identity.

Have you or your family received any correspondence or post from any banks? Did the collection firm say what bank they were collecting for? Did they provide any paperwork or documentation?

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You can contact the bank(s) where you had credit in UAE to see if there was any remaining balance(s) on any of the accounts. If your friends have already done this, you may just wish to confirm it.

If you do not owe anyone, you should be fine to travel. Even if you did owe money, you could inquire with the local police to see if there is a warrant out for you.

Unfortunately, I cannot provide much more advice than it all sounds a bit fishy. Again, maybe an identity mix up. You could speak directly to these “collectors” and try to inquire as to what is going on. And request some documents as to who the bank is they are collecting for.

Let me know how you get on.



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