Why is Berges Law Group Checking Client’s Criminal History for Credit Repair?

So the strangest thing just happened. A reader filled out this debt relief company review form on Helping America Group and attached a copy of their client agreement.

The agreement included Breeze Financial Solutions, Helping America Group, and 321 Financial. But here is where it got a little odd. Over in this article the relationship between a number of these companies was documented.

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But one of the pieces shown was a letter demanding Berges Law Group cease services and communication.

Yet in the new Helping America Group “Assumption of Valid Debt” agreement this client contract includes services from Breeze Financial Solutions and a service agreement for Berges Law Group.

What is even more interesting is the Breeze Financial Solutions documentation says they are “disputing inaccurate, incomplete, misrepresented, unverified, erroneous and/or out of date information contained on your Credit Report pursuant to the Fair Credit Reporting Act.” That sure sound like a credit repair service.

So why then does the agreement include an “Authorization for Release of Information” to Berges Law Group for “information about my background including, but not limited to information regarding any criminal history, employment history and income, licenses, consumer credit history, driving record, and general public records history.” The information release the consumer was asked to sign goes on to authorize the release of “information about my background, mode of living, character and personal reputation;and I am entitled to be advised of the nature and scope of the investigation requested…”

The information release says it authorizes, “without reservation, any law enforcement agency, institution, information service bureau, school, employeer, reference or insurance company contacted by Berges Law Group or its agent(s), to release any information on record.”

That seems like a whole lot of overkill and information exposure for a debt relief service.

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