How Do I Fix My Credit Report After Being a 321 Financial Scam Client?

Question: Dear Steve, I was a victim of the 321 financial fraud scam in 2017. I have three accounts on my credit report still. They are obviously affecting my credit in a gigantic negative way. 321 financial took over $7000 from me! I feel like I have no recourse. I have tried disputing these derogatory … Read more

Pair of Attorneys Goes After a Number of Debt Relief Companies While Targeting Jeremy Marcus

On January 20, 2017 attorneys Chad Van Horn and Nathan DeLadurantey filed a complaint against Jeremy Marcus, Consumer Protection Counsel, Omni Management Partners, Breeze Financial Solutions, Cockburn & Associates, Instahelp America, Credit Health Plan, Aegis Florida, Aegis Legal Center, 321 Financial, 321 Loans, Gregory Fishman, Debt Be Gone, Otto Berges, Berges Law Group, and Kerr … Read more

321 Financial / 321 Loans – Consumer Complaint – February 22, 2016

Consumer Statement: I have been with this company called 321 loans they got me good now I’m stuck they are not even a real company my bank verified it today this is what they been doing I thought that the money I been paying them is not going towards the creditors either way they haven’t … Read more

Why is Berges Law Group Checking Client’s Criminal History for Credit Repair?

So the strangest thing just happened. A reader filled out this debt relief company review form on Helping America Group and attached a copy of their client agreement. The agreement included Breeze Financial Solutions, Helping America Group, and 321 Financial. But here is where it got a little odd. Over in this article the relationship … Read more

321Financial and 321 Loans – Contract Review and Disapointing Radio Silence

Information has been pouring in about companies in Florida and specifically about companies associated with Jeremy Marcus. People are using my tipster (send in your tips here) form to send information in. Recently I wrote about a company named Omni Management Partners and as part of that agreement was an agreement for the credit repair … Read more