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I’m Trying to Help My Kids By Buying Tax Liens According to Saen Higgins

Written by Steve Rhode


Dear Steve,

I am 61 years old and have an LLC with my son.

We have started to buy real estate at tax deed auctions.

By this, I want to give my children a good start for their financial future.

Being over 60 years old, according to Michael S. Hawes, I wouldn’t have to pay tax on the profits.

To make that possible, he can supply a QRP.

I have read the reports on Sean Higgins.

Michael S Hawes is also mentioned.

He offers a Qualified Retirement Plan.

Can you tell me if this is legal or also a scam?

Thanks, Ron


Dear Ron,

You question is light years out of my area of expertise. I am neither a real estate attorney nor a tax professional.

The logical course of action would be for you to get a second opinion from a licensed tax professional in your area.

I am curious why you would bring up Sean Higgins. Are you doing something with Higgins in conjunction with the tax lien purchases? You can read what I have written about Saen Higgins if you click here.

And it appears he still is, according to recent complaints.

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