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Dear Steve,

This question is for my fiancé. She was unaware that her student loans went into default and ultimately began to garnish her wages. They gave her the option to do the loan rehab, but only set her up for 2 automatic payments instead of 3 which she was told would get her out of her current situation.

Since they only set her up for 2 payments and didn’t inform her that she wasn’t set up for a 3rd, she didn’t make the payment and we are back in the same situation as before. I read up on how to get out of wages being garnished, and I kept seeing the direct loan consolidation.

I told her to apply for that under an income based repayment plan which she did because I made her sit down with me and do it. A week later, she received an email saying that she was denied because her current loans were being paid from garnished wages.

Did we miss a step in the loan consolidation or is this just not an option for us anymore? What are her options?



Dear Garrett,

Your beloved needs to get her loan current again by going through the real rehabilitation process. You should read The Easiest Way to Stop a Student Loan Wage Garnishment.

From what you describe, she didn’t actually do this because the rehabilitation process requires nine payments and after that she would be eligible for consolidation and an income driven repayment plan.

It sounds like the servicer was just selling her a way to catch up on payments and not to enroll in the official rehabilitation program.

Keep in mind, rehabilitation is a one-time shot only. If you rehabilitate and fail you don’t get a second shot at rehabilitation.

Maybe she’d let you give her a hand and you can both get on the phone to the servicer and try and figure out if she was ever really enrolled in this program.

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If she was not, as I suspect, you can both get this program rolling and it will end the garnishment after five payments.


You are not alone. I'm here to help. There is no need to suffer in silence. We can get through this. Tomorrow can be better than today. Don't give up.

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