Hey Best Egg and Americor. What’s Up With the Reviews?

A reader had sent me an email from an Americor sales representative that landed me on this Americor page. That page took me to Trustlink reviews for Americor. They have a high rating. (See update at the bottom from October 8, 2020.) So I looked at some of the ratings on the first few pages. … Read more

Is Americor and Credit9 Really a Good Debt Relief Option?

Question: Dear Steve, After spending much of 2018 and 2019 surviving on part time freelancing, I racked up ~$8k in credit card debt across 3 cards and exhausted my savings. I also have a personal loan balance at ~$6.5k. In fall this year I returned to full time employment at ~$85k a year. Just got … Read more

Americor Funding – Consumer Complaint – October 14, 2019

Consumer Statement: We’ve been in their program for 14 months (since August 2018), and they have not honored A SINGLE THING present on both our contract with them or the terms of several recorded conversations we had with one of their sales managers named Jazmin Valerio since the day she sold us this atrocious program. … Read more

Can This Credit9 Mailer Lead to a Debt Settlement Sales Pitch?

At first glance, the mailer a reader just sent in for Credit9 appears to be just a vanilla personal loan mailer. However, two things caught my eye. The first was the nearly unreadable disclaimers on the bottom of the Credit9.com site. The second quick thing was when the privacy policy said, “The Americor Financial (“We” … Read more