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Mental Health Related

My Mom is Bipolar and The Only Help She Wants for Her Money Problems is More Money. – Lecompete

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“Dear Steve, My mom is in great debt. I don’t know how to help her. Though my parents are separated, my dad still sends us money for all the utilities of the house but my mom just can’t fix her problems. She is retired but all her money goes to pay debts with banks and credit cards. All my family ... Read More »

    I’m Losing Control of My Sanity Because of My Debt. I’m Having Bad Thoughts. – Frank

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    “Dear Steve, Wife and I both had decent paying jobs and able to spend as much as we wanted, she lost her job and soon after unemployement debt I no longer had the overtime,bonuses and other perks, and 2 kids came along. we acrued a debt of 26k and now it is about to go to collection I have a ... Read More »

      I Need to Get Out of Debt But Not Let My Husband Know. It Needs to be a Secret. – Karen

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      “Dear Steve, I am 51 year old woman with a husband and two kids 21 and 17. been married for 32 years. the last few years or more i should say things just have gotton way out of control. i work two jobs and hubby one. i have always supported my kids to do there racing. as our town is ... Read More »

        I Need Debt Help. Can I Trust You Steve? – Dianne

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        “Dear Steve, I am now 60 years old, have worked most of my life, but was primarily self-employed. I was married for 30 years to an abusive man, both physically and mentally and after 5 years am still going through a divorce. I left my husband when my home and all possessions were washed away (literally) by Hurricane Katrina in ... Read More »

          Bipolar Spending Spree Results in $79K in Credit Card Debt. – Scott

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          “Dear Steve, Well, I had finally got my debt under control until suffering a major manic episode. Within 5 weeks I went from 0 revolving debt to 79000 in credit card debt (with nothing to show for it materially other than a TV). Oh, I also bought a new car ($46,000) even though I already had one. Anyway, I know ... Read More »

            I Have Some Debt Issues That Are Scaring Me. – Ryan

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            “Dear Steve, My name is Ryan, I am 24 years old. I have some debt issues that are scaring me and I am hoping you can point me in the right direction because, honestly, I don’t know where else to go. In 2008 I was eager to get back into school and finish up my degree in Mathematics to finally ... Read More »

              Where Can I Get Emotional Help for My Money Issues? – Angie

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              “Dear Steve, In your book you say that I need to get in touch with my mental issues with money first or I’ll keep returning to the same place. Is there anyone online or whatever free I can advice from on my issues? I do not have insurance yet and I can’t afford to wait to get movement toward getting ... Read More »

                I’m Bipolar, Disabled and In Debt. – Christinia

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                “Dear Steve, Declared disabled by Mental Illness a few years ago. Have nearly 20,000 in credit card debt. Currently vollecting ssd and working a menial pt job. Cards were opened before breakdown when i had a good job. Can not work like that any longer. All my pt job money and SSD extra go to paying this debt. Did stupid ... Read More »

                  Boyfriend is Paralyzed With Debt After Divorce. – Michelle

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                  “Dear Steve, My boyfriend was divorced last year. His ex-wife “walked away” from their marriage, but not before charging up the credit card balances substatially. She decided she didn’t want to deal with their newly purchased home, so she legally signed her rights away and he bought her out for $1.00. After adding lawyer divorce fees to the credit cards, ... Read More »

                    I Already Have Bipolar and Clinical Depression Disorders With Panic Attacks and Now Debt. – Kilandra

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                    “Dear Steve, Credit card debt after being divorced, unable to work, no income, but paying the minimum on it. I need out, it’s stressing me too much and hurting my health more, when I already have bipolar and clinical depression disorders. I used the sale of my car to pay off the one, but I am still $7000 in debt. ... Read More »

                      I’ve Been So Busy Caring For Everyone Else I’ve Let My Credit Go. – Marjorie

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                      “Dear Steve, I am about $75,000 in debt, with no means to continue to meet monthly payments, cover my two mortgages, and cover reasonable living expenses. I own a sole proprietorship and have started a not-for-profit company. Last year my total sales were $73,000. I have two mortgages totaling $2900/month, and have long been a single parent – my youngest ... Read More »

                        I Have a Mountain of Debt. I Am Being Garnished and Thinking of Suicide. – Stacy

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                        “Dear Steve, I am in desperate need of help immediately. I have mountain of debt and am being garnished. With the garnishments I can’t pay off the debts or file bankruptcy because I am only left with barely enough to live on. Also, I have severe bipolar disorder. I got most of my debts when I “blacked out” in a ... Read More »

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