College Grads Fail Miserably at Way Overestimating Starting Salaries

A recent study of college students preparing to graduate found that students suck at trying to estimate income and make plans for life after college. Respondents in this study felt confident their starting salary was going to be $103,880 but the average salary was actually $55,260. Oops. Of the students surveyed, 31 percent felt they … Read more

“Don’t Just Retire. Retire Well” But Millions Drowning in Student-Loan Debt

Almost every day, I see a television ad for an investment firm that targets retirees. “Don’t just retire,” the tv spokesperson says. “Retire well.” Of course, everyone wants to retire well. For most of us, that means retiring with our debts paid and enough income to cover our bills and travel occasionally. But many Americans … Read more

How to Budget in College

Oh, college. It’s filled with caffeinated nights, Saturday game days, Easy Mac, and ramen. While all your money seems to be going toward tuition and books, it’s essential to learn how to budget in college to make the most of what you have. Wouldn’t it be great to have a grasp on your beer budget? … Read more

How to Afford to Go Back to School as an Adult

Adults are going back to school for lots of different reasons these days, including career changes, keeping up with developments in their field, learning new skills, and personal enrichment. At many colleges, students may be senior executives, retirees, or working moms. Going back to school when you’re older, whether it’s to get an advanced degree, … Read more

You Can Actually Skip College to Get a Job at Google

Universities have been whistling past the graveyard for years, Ignoring the signs of rot in their industry, they just rolled along through the decades, charging obscene prices for educational experiences that were obsolete. Overall, college enrollment dropped ten percent over the past decade, but the universities did not reduce their costs. Instead, they hired recruiters … Read more

Is Law School a Good Investment if 75% Fail the Bar Exam?

This spring, pass rates for the California Bar Exam hit a historic low. Only 26.8 percent of the test-takers received a passing grade–about one out of four. The pass rate for retakers was even lower: a shocking 22 percent. As one might expect, pass rates varied widely based on where the test-takers went to law … Read more

More Than 50 Colleges Sued Over Online Classes

A bunch of black swans showed up this spring, and they landed on top of every college administration building in America. Last March, virtually every postsecondary institution shut down in response to the coronavirus pandemic. Students who lived in campus dorms were told to scram. Face-to-face instruction screeched to a halt, and the colleges began … Read more

Do You Think College Students Should Get Partial Tuition Refunds?

According to Investopedia, “Bait and switch is a morally suspect sales tactic that lures customers in with specific claims about quality or low prices . . .” However, once customers are lured in, “the advertised deal does not exist, or is of far inferior quality or specifications, where the buyer is then presented with an … Read more

Most Republicans Think College is Bad for America

America’s colleges are harming the country, the majority of Republicans now say. It’s a strong downward slide in public opinion that, some experts fear, could exacerbate growing divides among Americans and lead to higher levels of student debt. The conclusion, from a Monday report by the Pew Research Center in Washington, based on a June … Read more

I’m a Recent College Graduate Trying to Dig Myself Out of Credit Card Debt. – Megan

“Dear Steve, I’m 22 and in 6,000 credit card debt! I am a recent college graduate, and in some credit card debt. In college, I racked up 3 different credit cards (one with a $4,000 limit, one with a $500 limit and one with a $300 limit – who gives an 18 year old kid … Read more

I Lived on Credit Cards in College and Have Not Paid Them. – Amy

Amy “Dear Steve, I just graduated from college and during that time was living on credit cards. I have not paid my card in 4 years. I am barely scraping by as it is and cannot add a $500 payment to my already increasing bills. What is my best option for getting out of debt? … Read more

I Can’t Repay My Student Loans I Had When My Husband Was in the Military. – Debbie

“Dear Steve, My husband was in the military and i went to college for almost 2yrs then he was deployed to europe, the family had to follow. i was unable to finish school. he then went off to the iraq war and got medically boarded out of the army. unfortunatley it took a toll on … Read more