How Do I Get Montana Capital to Remove My Title Lien After a 1099-C?

How Do I Get Montana Capital to Remove My Title Lien?

Question: Dear Steve, I took out a title loan from Montana Capital (Simple Cash Loans) in 2016. Unfortunately, I lost my job and couldn’t continue making the payments. Tax records downloaded from the IRS website show the entire debt was canceled in 2019. I still have possession of the car, but Montana Capital is still …

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Rapid Reader Questions: Walmart, Apartment, Credit Risk, College

Q: Does a credit union have to provide a member in writing the amount of interest paid on a loan for tax purposes? A: Depends on what kind of loan it is. Reporting would be voluntary or required by IRS on certain types of loans. Q: How can a financial company put a charge off …

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I Received 1099-C Forms on Timeshares But My Credit Report Shows I Still Have a Balance

Question: Dear Steve, I had 2 mortgages from timeshare accounts default a couple of years back. One had the debt discharged in 2018, and the creditor issued a 1099c for the remaining balance. This was included as income in our 2018 return. The second one foreclosed in 2019, and the “credit grantor reclaimed the collateral …

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My Wife and I Got Multiple 1099-C Forms for the Same Debt

Question: Dear Steve, Ran through a rough patch a few years back. Three vehicles were voluntarily surrendered for repossession. My wife and I jointly owned all vehicles as borrower and co-borrower. My wife and I both received three (3) 1099-c forms for those three repossessions. I received three; she received three. Each vehicle’s canceled debt …

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How Do We Handle a 1099-C After a Bitter Divorce?

Question: Dear Steve, I know you’ve sort of covered this question before. My ex-husband and I recently received a 1099 C after a short sale. The short sale occurred because he wouldn’t cooperate with selling the property. The property was our primary residence. However, I now live in Virginia, and he lives in Maryland. He …

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