SLS Managers – NSP Processing – Consumer Complaint – March 21, 2016

Consumer Complaint Submission

Consumer Statement: My complaint is regarding Student Loan Services Managers (SLS) and National Secure Processing (NSP). The company claims to help students consolidate their loans and achieve lower monthly payments. They are part of the same company, SLS is the account management side; NSP manages the payments. I signed up with the company early January … Read more

Student Loan Service Managers / SLS – Consumer Complaint – November 19, 2014

Consumer Statement: I was contacted by email and phone by SLS Managers(Student Loan Service Managers) offering to consolidate my student loan into one lower monthly payment than my current amount. After a smooth talking sales rep got me to agree to the terms with a brief rundown on the phone explaining how my new payment … Read more

Student Loan Service Managers – Consumer Complaint – July 18, 2014

Consumer Statement: I have $23,000 of student loan debt from my last year in undergrad and two semesters of graduate school. My loans are managed by NelNet and are currently in forbearance until I begin school again in the fall. In the spring of this year, I started being contacted by various Loan Relief programs … Read more