Optima Student Loan Services Runs Into Connecticut

Optima Student Loan Services Runs Into Connecticut

It has been a while since I’ve written about the power of Connecticut when it comes to challenging debt relief companies. Two California companies have learned that painful lesson. Optima Advocates and Optima Student Loan Services were recently issued a Consent Order from the State Banking Commissioner. The allegation is the companies violated the law. … Read more

The Type of People Giving Student Loan Advice – Closers

I stumbled across this job listing the other day for some company called Student Loan Solutions. They say they can provide you will valuable advice and, “Our Student Loan Advisors will provide you with full explanations and answers to all your questions about your student loans and the programs that are available to you.” – … Read more

Student Loan Service Managers / SLS – Consumer Complaint – November 19, 2014

Consumer Statement: I was contacted by email and phone by SLS Managers(Student Loan Service Managers) offering to consolidate my student loan into one lower monthly payment than my current amount. After a smooth talking sales rep got me to agree to the terms with a brief rundown on the phone explaining how my new payment … Read more