I Don’t Want to Ruin My Credit for 10 Years and File Bankruptcy. – Mary

“Dear Steve, 40K in cc debt…been in collections for at least a year with a recent summons from Discover. Have been unemployed off and on, trying to find full time work for approx. 6 yrs and just landed a ft job at $14/hour. Working per diem jobs as well. Really don’t want to do BK..I … Read more

Lots of Credit Card Debt And A Large Family To Feed. – Lynn

Over the past five years, we have adopted two children through international adoption. We now have five kids total, all under the age of 18. Around the same time we were going through the process of bringing our kids home, we had some major unexpected home repairs. I am embarrassed to admit this, but we … Read more

I Am Married With Five Children and Struggling to Get By. Ken

“Dear Steve, I was self/unemployed after a layoff for about 3 years, until about a year ago. I had about $60K of home equity, but accumulated about $80K in credit card debt (I had no debt going into the period). We live very frugally, with hand me downs, Goodwil,l and 200K+ mile minivans. In the … Read more

We Are Drowning in Debt And My Husband is Against Bankruptcy. – KC

KC “Dear Steve, 57K in credit card debt between my husband and myself. Most was from 40K in uninsured home repairs (mold that nearly destroyed our home), medical bills in excess of 3K, a BAD refinance decision ending in a mortgage we could not afford. The refinance resulted in us charging basics and cash advances … Read more

When Doing What You Think is the Right is the Wrong Thing to Do During Financial Troubles

I am forever faced with people who tell me that no matter how bad their financial situation is they will never consider bankruptcy as an option. Now I understand to that person, the thought of bankruptcy is reprehensible. They feel it is morally wrong or against their religion. They feel it is a violation of … Read more

I Don’t Want to File Bankruptcy or Have My Wages Garnished. – Deanna

Deanna “Dear Steve, I also am having many issues with Allegro. I have stopped my payments to them and am working with my 2 creditors on my own. One creditor will lower my total due by $2,000, but I have to pay 3 payments of 2700.00 and I cannot do this. I do not want … Read more