Another For-Profit School Swirls the Toilet Bowl. Argosy University Next to Vanish?

Yesterday I wrote about how the Department of Education was going to forgive money missing from Argosy University that was supposed to have been distributed to students from their federal financial aid. This money would be used by students for silly things like rent, food, books, etc. Well, it turns out Mark Dottore, the court-appointed … Read more

Department of Education Does a Good Thing Almost, Sort Of, Kind Of

The Washington Post is reporting the Department of Education stepped up to help students caught in the missing money crosshairs of missing financial aid given to Argosy University. It seems when Dream Center Education Holdings acquired Argosy University, South University, and Art Institute campuses they tried hard to turn the ship around. Dream Center is … Read more

NC Calls on Department of Education to Cooperate Again With Law Enforcement Again

North Carolina Attorney General Josh Stein yesterday called on the U.S. Department of Education to honor its “historic law enforcement partnerships” by reinstating the long-standing practice of disclosing student loan information to law enforcement agencies – a practice it curtailed without explanation last month. In a letter sent last Friday to U.S. Education Secretary Betsy … Read more

What Can I Do With My Art Institutes and Argosy University Private Student Loans? – Robyn

Question: Dear Steve, I have 2 private loans with Navient that is a result of extremely high tuition fees from a “for profit” college. I attended the Art Institute, part of the EDMC and Argosy for profit schools, which have recently closed down 15 of their campuses nationwide. Of course, my campus is not one … Read more