How Can I Get In On the Lawsuit Against HSBC for Forced Placed Insurance? – Deb

Question: Dear Steve, From 2001 to 2008 my husband at the time and I were going through Beneficial Finance for our mortgage on 2nd house. About 2 years ago, I received a notice from an attorney group stating that Beneficial Finance, aka HSBC, aka HSB was being sued for having clients who had loans sign …

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Nearly All of My Payments to Beneficial Go to My 29% Interest Rate. How Do I Get Out of Debt? – Trevor

We had some financial issues and had to get a loan fast, so we went to Beneficials loan services, got a $9000 loan. the interest is 29% and over the last three years we’ve payed it down to $8800. Doing the math we have paid $8900 in interest, and the company will not help us …

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Is There Any Way to Settle Our Debts With AMEX and Beneficial? – Jennifer

“Dear Steve, We got ourselves into trouble with credit cards, espeically with our amex and a beneficial loan which are 18000.00 combined. Our other loans/credit cards are one for 2k, one for 1300.00 and one for 2400. the payments on the first two are killing us financially each month. Is there a way to negotiate …

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