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We Are Making Ends Meet But Have No Extra Money to Put Toward Our Credit Cards. – Sarah

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“Dear Steve, We are making ends meet but have no extra money to put toward our credit cards. We have no breathing room. We can’t leave town to go see our family without worrying about being able to pay our bills. We are making ends meet but have NO breathing room and can’t even put extra towards our credit cards ... Read More »

    I’m Barely Making My Minimum Payments. What Can I Do? – Pete

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    Pete “Dear Steve, I’m $90,000 in CC and loans. My income was slashed by $50,000. Barely make minimum payments I need advice? Pete”   Dear Pete, You’ve really made it hard for me to give you a lot of specific advice since I only have limited information. Your level of credit card debt is high for many but I’ve helped ... Read More »

      David Writes In “I Have No More to Give”

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      David wrote me through the GetOutOfDebt.org site to ask his question below. You can too! “Dear Steve, I have about $20,000 in credit card debt. 4 cards that I’ve transferred balances to, each with a rate of 2.99 to 3.99% interest for life of the loan. Each monthly minimum is about $110.00. I have no more to give, and we ... Read More »

        Kim is Stressing Out Trying to be Frugal in Hard Times and Make Ends Meet

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        Kim “Dear Steve, I’m paying credit debt on time not getting anywhere with minimum payments. Husband laid off from work 15 months. Not using cards just trying to pay off. Income is very limited. How can I get ahead with paying off cards. Income is tight. Getting behind on other bills (house, gas, electric) husband laid off from job over ... Read More »

          Where Are The “Eager to Help” Creditors? – Steve

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          “Dear Steve, I am nearly reached the end of long journey journey to enter a heathcare profession. Credit, damaged during the lean years of graduate school, was most rehabilitated. But then I had a job change (with pay cut) and adding insult to injury, I have stumbled at the last professional qualfying hurdle – the licensing exam. Once that is ... Read More »

            Steve Writes In “I Want to Cash Out My 401(k) And Pay Off Debt.”

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            Steve wrote me through the GetOutOfDebt.org site to ask his question below. You can too! “Dear Steve, I currently make $46,000.00 per year with no benefits. My wife’s income is $19,800.00 per year. Three years ago her income was $35,000.00 per year. We have racked up about $20,000.00 in credit card debt and have a car loan of which the ... Read More »

              Lower Your Car Payment. Skip It, Lower Your Interest Rate and Get Cash Back

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              Here is a little financial tip that I’ve used in the past but I keep forgetting about. Refinancing an existing auto loan to lower interest rates and monthly payments. I just got an email that a client was instantly approved for an auto loan refi and that’s good news. You see when this particular person bought their car their credit ... Read More »

                How Do I Get Out of Debt Without a Huge Credit Card Payment Every Month? – Allison

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                Allison “Dear Steve, I have too many bills and don’t make enough money. I have $12,000 dollars in credit card debt, if eliminated or reduced, I’d be able to afford to live. I am married with two children. How do I get out of debt without a huge credit card payment every month? Allison”   Dear Allison, Bankruptcy. Click here ... Read More »

                  Robert Wrote “I Do Not Know Where To Start Other Than I Am in Debt”

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                  “Dear Steve, I do not know where to start other that I’m in debt. I want to pay all of my credit card debt starting with my lowest and working my way to the last but I can not accomplish this while I’m paying everyone and can not make any headway. Can I just send something to the others and ... Read More »

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