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My Student Loans Are Deferred And I Can’t Pay My Other Debts. – Annie


“Dear Steve, I owe over $20k in credit cards (Discover and Visa, both of which are maxxed out) and over $40k in student loans (which are currently deferred). I changed my spending habits and budgeting over the last 6 months. Despite all of this, I am still only able to make slightly more than the min payments every month (before ... Read More »

I Have Credit Cards Up the Ass. I’d Like to Pay Everything Off. – Tammy


“Dear Steve, just have a lot of credit cards and paying a lot every month i would like to pay everything off and have 1 payment so i have credit cards up the ass and i can pay my bills every month on time and somewhat over the min. payment due but all together if i just pay the min. ... Read More »

I Can’t Make My Payments and Creditors Want it All? – Bridget

Financing a budget

“Dear Jon, I have 4,900 in credit card debt and all my cards have been turned over to collection. I am doing the best i can, but they are not letting me do payments they demand the full amount or they can split the full amount in to 4 payments. I can only pay about 100 each month to get ... Read More »

Debt Free! And You Can Be Too

photo © 2008 Mike Baird | more info (via: Wylio)When Amanda and her husband gave birth to their third child her paycheck was greatly reduced during maternity leave. After an increase in interest and payments on their credit cards, they could no longer afford their minimum monthly payments owed. At one point in time there was no problem paying these ... Read More »

We Can Make the Minimum Payments But Can’t Get Ahead. – Andy

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Over the past few years my wife and I have accumulated over $50,000 in debt. Job losses, attorney fees, medical bills have gotten us in this situation. While my wife has a very good job and we continue to pay all of our bills on time, we are only able to make the minimum payments and cannot seem to get ... Read More »

How Do I Get the Credit Card Company to Lower My Payment to What I Want? – Sally

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“Dear Steve, My husband almost died due to an abscess on his liver. Medical bills piled up. Then he lost his job. Then I lost my job due to budget cuts. Currently my husband is unemployed, and I am working, but for less than my last job. Credit cards were used for everyday items such as food. Had been paying ... Read More »

I Supported Someone for Three Years That Completely Drained Me. – Jessica

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“Dear Steve, I am currently about 15,000.00 in credit card debt and 2500.00 in student loan debt. I have come across many difficult troubles in the past 5 years and i also supported someone for 3 years that completely drained me. I am currently working three jobs just so i can get by and pay the minimum on my cards ... Read More »

My Wife and I Are Both Maxed Out on Credit Cards. Where Can We Go? – Alvaro

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“Dear Steve, I have four credit cards that are pretty much maxed out for a total of approximately $18,000 and my wife has three credit cards for a total of about the same amount. This debt is not including the taxes we owe and car payment. Can you please suggest a place to go for assistance on how to pay ... Read More »

How Do You Value Your Quality of Life? Debt Solutions to Fix The Future

Photo Credit: Cayusa

Debt doesn’t just affect the people actually in debt, it often affects the ones around them, near and dear to them. I know this from first hand experience as someone who has loved and lived with someone so deep in debt they could not see a way out. Not only is the emotional toll hard on the debtor but also ... Read More »

I Lost Most of My Income. How Can I Get My Debts Reduced? – John

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“Dear Steve, The economic downturn really hurt me. I lost 4 of my 5 sources of income. It killed the equity in my house (it is now worth about $15K more than my remaining mortgage) and nearly wiped out my savings. Right now, I have about $50K of credit card debt. If I pay the minimums for a year, it ... Read More »

I’m Barely Making My Minimum Payments. What Can I Do? – Pete

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Pete “Dear Steve, I’m $90,000 in CC and loans. My income was slashed by $50,000. Barely make minimum payments I need advice? Pete”   Dear Pete, You’ve really made it hard for me to give you a lot of specific advice since I only have limited information. Your level of credit card debt is high for many but I’ve helped ... Read More »

Rebecca And Her Husband Are Struggling to Keep The Business Going

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“Dear Steve, My husband and I own our own business but have been struggling lately. I work a 9-5 job while he stays at home to run the business. We owe a lot of debt in credit cards from working to get the business up and going – and we’re just a few hundred dollars a month from breaking even. ... Read More »

I Am 60K in Credit Card Debt And They Are Raising My Interest Rates. – Teresa

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“Dear Steve, I am in 60k in credit card debt. All payments are current but am reaching the point where the payments could start slipping. I’m receiving notices from the credit card companies that terms are changing. With this kind of debt, I could be in real trouble soon. I need one payment and then cut up the credit cards. ... Read More »

I’m Making My Minimum Payments But It’s Getting Tough. – Barbara

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Barbara “Dear Steve, What can I say. With the ecomony the way it is it seems that prices for everything continues to rise but my paycheck doesn’t. I am grateful to have a job but the interest rates on my cards are making it extremely difficult to balance my family needs such as, groceries, car and just day to day ... Read More »

My Wife and I Made Mistakes. I Can’t See a Way for the Family to Get Out of Debt. – Gary

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Gary “Dear Steve, My wife and I do not use our credit cards any more. We did use them at one time just to survive. We also used them to pay for a vacation or two. One more thing in my job I was traveling for about 5 years and would use my personal credit card to pay for my ... Read More »

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