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Arizona Telemarking Scam Leaves 5,000 Out Of Over $6.3 Million

Earlier this month word broke when a complaint was issued against four Arizona LLCs and 11 Arizonians that Arizona telemarketers had defrauded almost 5,000 people out of over $6.3 million. These criminals conducted a scam that used victims’ credit-card limits to determine how much to charge them in setting up their very own “web mall” business that they would receive ... Read More »

    His Lost Job at GM is to Blame for Our Debt. We Might Lose Our House. – Jamie

    Ready to Collapse

    “Dear Steve, I am 33 years old and the mother of 2 daughters. We were doing really great, until GM pulled their job out from under my husband. We are now strugging to get by. I do the best I can to pay our bills, and have dropped the unimportant things, like cable and internet (I’m in a public library ... Read More »

      Tim Wants His Share of Free Money Available to Consolidate His Debt

      Ready to Collapse

      “Dear Steve, We are currently $2600.00 behind on all are bills, including our mortgage. I can’t get aloan cause it would be just another bill. I was looking for someone who might just give a gift. I really want to go into Christmas stress free. I have a beautiful wife and two children.It is really hard looking at them with ... Read More »

        It Will Make You Laugh. Merry Christmas From Steve, Pam and the Rhode Dogs

        Nothing says Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays more than a spoof video. So from me and the entire Rhode family this year, may all your days be be full of happiness and hugs. Read More »

 Nothing screams Christmas like Santa pez

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          getoutofdebtguy: Nothing screams Christmas like Santa pez Read More »

   Christmas is so festive. Ho ho ho.

            getoutofdebtguy: Christmas is so festive. Ho ho ho. Read More »

              An Inexpensive Holiday Gift I Gave in Tough Money Times. And People Loved It.

              Nine Bean Soup Mix

              Photo by Roger Smith Back when Pam and I were dead broke and oh yes, would have been homeless if my parents had not taken us in, we had no real money to give holiday gifts. Being broke at Christmas can make you feel really crappy. Everyone is exchanging gifts but you have nothing affordable to give. Or do you? ... Read More »

                Expect Tidal Wave Of Limit Reductions and Credit Card Closures to Hit Before Christmas

                Yesterday I wrote about a little old hardware store that had noticed an increase in card purchases over cash. That’s not a good sign if people are using plastic more for routine things and especially in this environment of credit card issuers reducing credit limits, raising interest rates and closing cards. You see, the credit card issuers are getting freaked ... Read More »

                  Your financial questions answered – Dallas Morning News

                  Ready to Collapse

                  If you’re worried about your finances in these tough economic times, we can help. We’ve teamed up with the Dallas-Fort Worth Financial Planning Association to offer free financial advice. Just e-mail your question to . We ... Read More »

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