I Feel Like a Failure Because I Can’t Afford Christmas – Worried Mom

Question: Dear Steve, I am so lost right now and just need someones advice. I’m a single mom of a seven year old girl and I’m expecting my second child. I have been struggling with debt for such a long time. I have outstanding balances with payday loan companies, credit cards in collections (from divorce) …

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Arizona Telemarking Scam Leaves 5,000 Out Of Over $6.3 Million

Earlier this month word broke when a complaint was issued against four Arizona LLCs and 11 Arizonians that Arizona telemarketers had defrauded almost 5,000 people out of over $6.3 million. These criminals conducted a scam that used victims’ credit-card limits to determine how much to charge them in setting up their very own “web mall” …

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