Franklin Drywall Cheats The Law And The Law Won

The owner and president of Franklin Drywall was sentenced in federal court last week for one count of providing false statements to two labor union pension and benefit funds. These acts by this Little Canada-based union sheet-rocking company was part of a scheme to underpay employees for overtime and underpay the union for pension and … Read more

I’m Running Out of Money Fast. What Do I Do? – Dana

“Dear Steve, Self-employed single mom in flooring industry (ca) Real Estate owned (2) rentals-devalued but currently rented but combined after rents is -(negative) $300.00 per month. Currently living in my home devalued with equity line maxed out. Credit card debit on personal credit card debt on business (corp) business currently has $15,000.00 in cash Business … Read more

Our Attorney Has Worked Out a Stipulated Judgment But Should We File Bankruptcy? – Stephie

“Dear Steve, My husband and I have a construction company. We did work for developers who did not pay. We signed personal guarantee with a vendor. Our attorney is working out a stipulated judgment with the vendor b/c we really have no defense on this open account, as we did use the concrete and we … Read more

I Owned My Own Construction Business and I’m Afraid We Are Going to Lose Our Home. – Mike

“Dear Steve, I used to own my own construction business during which time I built a new home for me and my family. Everything went downhill so fast that we lost our old home to foreclosure because it wouldn’t sell and I was making payments on the construction loan for the new house while my … Read more

My Construction Business is Very Slow. Should I File Bankruptcy? – Eric

“Dear Steve, My buissness is very slow (Construction), as Im sure many are. I’m Iooking down the road and am looking at what feels like all dead ends. I only have enough funds for a few more months (payroll, house payment, credit cards, car payments) Im 45,married and have 3 kids Is it better to … Read more

Should We Just See A Lawyer About Bankruptcy Before This Gets Worse? – Susan

“Dear Steve, Dear Steve, My husband’s work in construction ended last year so he made $900 and is trying to get started in a sales position that is costing some money to get started. My overtime has been cut drastically and I am now making about $61,000 a year. To keep up with bills and … Read more