Should We Deal With Our Old Debt or Use Our Cash to Build a House? – Shane

“Dear Steve, newly wed 30yo male. i have around 95k in debt…. Around 70k is student loans from sallie Mae. 30k of which is co signed for my wife and her brother. all of which have defaulted…..The rest is made up of a reposessed vehicle 4 yrs ago..15k.. And various credit cards maxed out. 10-12k.my … Read more

I Owned My Own Construction Business and I’m Afraid We Are Going to Lose Our Home. – Mike

“Dear Steve, I used to own my own construction business during which time I built a new home for me and my family. Everything went downhill so fast that we lost our old home to foreclosure because it wouldn’t sell and I was making payments on the construction loan for the new house while my … Read more