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A Good Time to Remind Debt Relief Companies of This Opportunity

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Recently I was engaged in a discussion where the other person was making comments that I am always against the debt relief industry. This is probably a great opportunity to again remind any and all debt relief companies that I have a standing offer to publish any good news and press releases they want to share. In the menu above ... Read More »

    Debt Relief Recap and What Consumers Do Wrong When Seeking Help – Podcast

    The latest Get Out of Debt Guy show. Damon Day and I talk about the big changes in the debt relief world over the past year. We talk about about how many debt relief companies have failed and how new rules from the FTC have altered the way the debt relief world works. We talk about what people should do ... Read More »

      Ideas for Creating Better Debt Relief Products, Services and Delivery

      Ready to Collapse

      In a previous article published on the GOOD site, I asked the question: Is the debt relief delivery system broken? The article outlined the statistical failings of different options consumers seek in order to get relief from debt they can no longer afford. I also identified several reasons for the shortcomings and encouraged industry participants to share ideas for how ... Read More »

        Continued Concern for Debt Relief Demand

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        The downgrading of the U.S. credit rating by Standard & Poor’s this week from AAA to AA+ might feel like an event that only has an impact on those that watch the economy. But it’s impact on the debt relief industry can’t be overlooked either. In order to have a successful debt relief industry you need two components, consumers with ... Read More »

          It’s Time to Start Restoring Debt Settlement Into a Larger Debt Relief Industry

          Debt Settlement Hurtling Towards Regulation

          We’ve certainly been through a lot over the past few years. We’ve watched the debt settlement industry go absolutely crazy, opportunists invade, regulators need to step in, and now we’ve reached a low. But the good news is, it’s time to rebuild, but wisely. In my talks with state and federal regulators and the CFPB it is clear that debt ... Read More »

            I Love the Debt Relief Industry But Why It’s Hard to Say Good Things

            Debt Block

            It’s time I address a repeating criticism of this site. The claim is frequently made that somehow I am against the debt relief industry or I target it for bad publicity. The reality is nothing could be further from the truth than those statements or beliefs. “But Steve, all you say are bad things.” Well that’s not quite true. I’m ... Read More »

              Why the Debt Relief Industry Needs GetOutOfDebt.org

              photo © 2008 Dan Perry | more info (via: Wylio)In the early 2000s I received a call from a regulator friend that changed my life and eventually led to the work I do here reporting on the debt relief industry. This was back in my Myvesta days and the regulator friend said, “Steve, I’m planning to go after Ameridebt by ... Read More »

                Further Evidence Pool of Debt Relief Consumers is Shrinking


                TransUnion just release its latest credit card delinquency numbers showing that 90 day lates are down 32 percent, year on year. “The ratio of bank card borrowers delinquent has flattened out considerably,” says TransUnion. This furthers my hypothesis that the reason demand for debt relief services is decreasing across all the major niches of debt relief, i.e. debt settlement, credit ... Read More »

                  Debt Relief Search Trends Continue to Show a Downward Decline

                  Debt Settlement Trends

                  Recently I wrote about my forecast for a decreasing demand for debt relief services. Here is another part of the puzzle that seems to show decreasing consumer interest in some specific debt relief topics using the Google trends search traffic monitoring tool. The data was filtered for U.S. searches only and as you can see, there are noticeable declines in ... Read More »

                    Debt Relief Providers to See General Slowdown Until Credit Loosens

                    Ready to Collapse

                    As part of what I’m seeing out in the debt relief world, the demand for debt relief services in general is slowing for everybody in the debt relief space. It’s been interesting to watch credit counseling blame debt settlement, and debt settlement blame bankruptcy and bankruptcy blame everyone for the lower demand for services. I just posted an article on ... Read More »

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