Is Consumer Debt Initiative of National Credit Assistance a Scam? – Christina

“Dear Steve, I think this is a scam, but wanted to check and see if you have seen this company before. Christina” Dear Christina, Let’s look at the letter you got for what it is, a sales pitch to sell you debt relief services. The correspondence hides behind and pretends to be something that it …

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Legal Helpers Debt Resolution Was Marketing Using the Economic Stimulus Act. – Mary

I’m in a bind, where I’m having trouble paying two massive (29.99 percent) credit card bills and have lots of other expenses (three kids and their assorted expenses). I got a solicitation that, after calling the 877 number and asking as many questions as I could, turned out to be from Legal Helpers Debt Resolution. …

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Listen to USOBA Debt Settlement Company Lie to Sell Services

Right now debt settlement companies are claiming they are being unfairly targeted by regulators, the Senate Hearings on Debt Settlement, and the Debt Settlement Consumer Protection Act. A reader sent me a mailer he just received from a debt settlement company that is part of the United States Organization of Bankruptcy Alternatives (USOBA), the trade …

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