Debt Collectors Still Have Time to Kick You While You Are Down

Earlier this year, the pandemic swept across the country, killing 100,000 Americans by the spring, shuttering businesses and schools, and forcing people into their homes. It was a great time to be a debt collector. In August, Encore Capital, the largest debt buyer in the country, announced that it had doubled its previous record for … Read more

Encore Capital Group Enhances Credit Reporting Policy to Help Consumers

Encore Capital Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: ECPG), an international specialty finance company, today announced it has enhanced its credit reporting policy for collections tradelines, dramatically shortening the time certain negative information remains on a consumer’s credit report. Now, after only two years, rather than the current industry-standard seven-year period, all of Encore’s U.S. subsidiaries (Midland Credit … Read more

When the Statute of Limitation is Shorter Than You Think Will Surprise You

Question: Dear Steve, Not a question, just a fyi about Ohio Supreme Court case from 2016, Taylor v. First Resolution Investment Corporation. SLIP OPINION NO. 2016-OHIO-3444. This case has 5 important components for CC holders in Ohio: 1. The SOL of CC debt is NOT reset when a debtor makes an agreement to restart or … Read more

Midland Funding Keeps Trying to Collect From Me

“Dear Michael, Midland Funding is trying to collect from me. I don’t know who these people are and never did business with them…but they say I owe them ,and placed a collection on all credit reporting agencies can I have them removed from my reports? they even sent me a letter saying the can collect … Read more