How Do I Let Go Of My Credit Cards Without Hurting My Credit? – Sonia

“Dear Steve, two major credit cards with each 16k limits.. one has 11k and one has 10k. I have 100 in interest each month. I pay 250 to 300 each month. I want to let go of them. How do I do this without hurting my credit? Sonia” Dear Sonia, The only way to get …

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How Can We Easily Pay Off Our High Interest Rate Debt? – Dea

“Dear Steve, We have high interest rate credit cards totalling $60,000.00 that we need to pay off. We own a home. We think it would appraise for about $250,000 & we owe$198,000. We own two 2002 vehicles. We would like to get rid of the credit cards expect one a piece with a low limit. …

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