Is Your Business Credit Score Better than Trump and Clinton’s?

By Gerri Detweiler and Lydia Roth, Nav Here’s a wild fact about business credit that you may not know: Suppliers, vendors, and even business partners can look up your business’s credit score, anytime they want, without notifying you and without your permission. So, we did it with Donald Trump’s holding company, The Trump Organization, Inc., …

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Double Standard For Debt Settlement. Not So Sleazy Now, Ask Hilary Clinton, John Glenn and the FEC.

Originally published December 11, 2009 Consumer debt is a world of double standards. On one hand you have advocates screaming about the evils of debt settlements or that groups that charge people for professional help to do debt settlements are ripping off consumers because settling debts is something that anyone can do. Don’t get me …

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What’s Missing from Hillary Clinton’s Student Loan Plan

Little by little, the mass of humanity that’s running for President of the United States is coming to realize something very important: Not only does the $1.2 trillion worth of higher education-related debt pose significant macroeconomic peril to the country, but solving this problem (or, at least, coming close) has the potential to rally widespread, …

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