Lebanese Financial Institutions Linked to Hizballah Allegedly Wired Over $300 Million Into The United States In Money Laundering Scheme

Announced earlier last week was the filing of a civil money-laundering and in rem forfeiture complaint alleging a massive, international scheme in which Lebanese financial institutions, including a bank and two exchange houses linked to Hizballah, used the U.S. financial system to launder narcotics trafficking and other criminal proceeds through West Africa and back into … Read more

So, A Fraudster, Arsonist And Drug Dealer Walk Into A Bar…

So, A Fraudster, Arsonist And Drug Dealer Walk Into A Bar… OUCH. The last of the six defendants in an indictment charging mortgage fraud, arson, marijuana trafficking and money laundering has entered a guilty plea in federal court in Michigan as of last week. The following defendants entered guilty pleas before United States District Judge … Read more

We Moved Out of Michigan to Find a New Job and Left a Home Behind. – Nancy

“Dear Steve, We moved out of Michigan in January 2009 due to a new job. We were able to qualify to purchase a home in Indiana even though we had not yet sold our house in Michigan. So, now we own two houses. Due to the lousy housing market in Michigan, our house there is … Read more

Rules for Debt Settlement Companies Would Help Protect Consumers

An editorial out of Michigan does a good job of summing up the grassroots feelings of educated consumer activists regarding needed debt settlement regulations. Here is the editorial: Pay off your debts for just pennies on the dollar! One phone call can save you from years of financial misery! Sales pitches like these might sound … Read more

Should We Stay in Our Home or Walk Away Like Others? – Kim

“Dear Steve, My husband and I have good jobs, together making about 150K a year. We are paying off our debt, starting a Roth, adding to the emergency fund, trying to pay off the cars….but…..what are we suppose to do with our house!! We bought it in 2003, put about $70,000.00 down, still owe about … Read more