Navient Schmoozes CFPB and California is Suing Them For Being Jerks

Politico is reporting Navient “ramps up pressure to get the bureau to drop a separate suit against it. According to an official familiar with the meeting, Remondi met with Eric Blankenstein, the top political appointee for the CFPB’s enforcement division and other career staffers.” More in the Navient lawsuit can be found here. Navient has …

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Thomas Macey and Jeffrey Aleman Get Slapped by IL Board

Bitch Slap

For some time now there has been an open action by the Illinois Attorney Registion and Disciplinary Commissions against Macey and Aleman of Legal Helpers Debt Resolution. Well the final report is out and it surprised me. Well, I wasn’t shocked that Macey and Aleman were recommended for a two year suspension as lawyers. But …

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