Coronado Student Loan Trust Agrees to Discharge Loans in Bankruptcy But Wait, There’s More

Here is an interesting development with student loans held by the Coronado Student Loan Trust. In December 2018 a consumer filed an Adversary Proceeding to attempt to have their private student loans forgiven. See filing here. The debtor stated they owed $132,652 and future payments would create an undue hardship so the loans should be … Read more

Consumer Files Their Own Bankruptcy Case and Eliminates Their Navient Student Loans

Thomas Lathrop filed his own bankruptcy Adversary Proceeding to get his Navient private student loans discharged in bankruptcy. Mr. Lathrop pursued a strategy I’ve been talking about for sometime. The fact he did this himself is amazing. Not an approach I generally recommend but he belted this one out of the park. He spotted the … Read more

Don’t Owe Taxes – You Might Be Able to Discharge Your Private Student Loans

Attorney Austin Smith who is on my list of attorneys you should consider for student loan legal help has sent in an incredible post on a new angle on dealing with private student loans. Fascinating. Here is his post. In previous posts, Steve and I have discussed how some private student loans can be discharged … Read more

My Masters in Saxophone Has Resulted in Impossible Students Loans And I Don’t Know What to Do

Question: Dear Steve, My name is Sean, 28, Baltimore, MD. I have a student debt crisis that I’ve successfully managed to prevent from default since 2010. I feel that my situation may be a little more unique than others which is why I’ve attached a more complete narrative of my story if you have the … Read more

Private Loans For Unaccredited School Not Student Debt in Bankruptcy

By Los Angeles Bankruptcy Attorney Christine Kingston I was just talking with a friend of mine the other day, Damon Day; and he was mentioning that he is seeing more and more folks all across the country, who have attended these unaccredited schools and carrying an enormous amount of student debt. I mentioned to him … Read more