Linda Writes In And Asks “Should We Sell Our House Now Or Hold Out For More?”

Question: Dear Steve, Last year we put our house, which is paid for, on the market, expecting it to sell quickly and purchase another house with a mortgage. Our realtors lower the price by $75k to sell it, but we feel that won’t give enough to invest for our retirement. Would we be better off … Read more

Should I Sell My House and Pay Off My Debt? – Eddie

“Dear Steve, We have about 60k in debt. 16k of that is credit card debt. Our house payment is $1,037 per month including property tax and insurance. If I lost my job we would be in big trouble. Our combined income is about 118,000 annually. Our credit rating is 778. Should I sell my house … Read more

What Do You Think About Us Selling Our House And Paying Off Part of Our Credit Cards? – Susan

“Dear Steve, My husband is 51 and I am 59. My goal is to retire at 62. We have a 1st & 2nd Morgage. Also, over 100,000 in credit card debt. We are living week to week to make all payments. We have an offer on our house. The offer would pay off the mortgages … Read more