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Here’s why you should open a savings account for your kids


Mar 11 2015 By Dave Sieminski Even a small savings account for your child could make a powerful difference in their future. A recent study shows that children from low- or-moderate-income families, who have a savings account for college, are three times more likely to go to college, and four times more likely to graduate college—even if the account holds ... Read More »

    Springboard Encourages Prospective Borrowers to Take Action


    (PRWEB) February 24, 2015 Springboard Nonprofit Consumer Credit Management, Inc. (“Springboard”) is urging individuals and families to assess their saving status this America Saves Week to ensure they are on track to reach their financial goals. America Saves Week, nationally recognized February 23 – 28, 2015, serves as an annual reminder to consumers to promote both good savings behavior and ... Read More »

      How Much Money Do You Need to Have?


      We would all like to have enough money to do the important things: live life, retire comfortably, educate our children, and so on. More importantly, how do you make sure that you have enough to reach these various goals? Careful planning is essential, but you need to start from the bottom and work your way up to the big goals. ... Read More »

        Sad Findings Show Americans Suck at Managing Their Money. 1 in 3 Have No Savings Account.

        Screen Shot 2012-09-13 at 11.03.36 AM

        The Federal Deposit Insurance Commission (FDIC) recently released their latest findings on how people deal with managing their money. I’m not talking about high level issues like which mutual fund provides a better return, but like do you have a savings account. As a consumer debt expert the information is disturbing in two ways for me. First, I can visualize ... Read More »

          Saving Money is Important When Getting Out of Debt

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          Here is a video from Cambridge Credit Counseling that speaks directly about the need to save even when dealing with debt. I can’t stress it enough, how important it is to make saving a priority even before debt repayment. The last place you want to be is broke from spending through your savings but still in debt. It’s so refreshing ... Read More »

            We Can’t Seem to Make Ends Meet and Save. Is Bankruptcy Right For Us? – Matt & Patti

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            “Dear Steve, My wife and I gross $93K. We owe $38K in credit cards, $1290 mortgage and two kids in private HS @$15K/year. Take home is approx. $3200/mo. We are upsdie down on our house by at least $20K. Our current credit scores are – me 690’s, wife low 700’s. We make all our payments on time but emergencies like ... Read More »

              You’ve Paid Off Your Debt, Now What?

              Your final payment has been made, and you’ve contacted your credit counseling representative to let them know you will be finished with your plan. Wow! You are officially debt free! It’s so exciting that you can hardly contain yourself. That one payment you had been struggling to make for years is now yours – all yours. So now what? Well, ... Read More »

                I’ve Never Missed a Payment But I Have No Savings and Not Really Getting Out of Debt. – Brian

                “Dear Andy, I am 31 years old and I own my own house. I have never missed a payment, yet can’t get refinanced due to my lowered house value. (Currently I owe about 149,000 and I just had it appraised at 140,000). My mortgage rate is 6.2%. That is part of the story…the other part is: I have about 18,000 ... Read More »

                  I’m an Independent Recruiter, Living With My Girlfriend and Way in Debt. – Bill

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                  “Dear Steve, 52 years old, Male, independant recruiter(start-up DBA), living with girlfriend/partner and 9 year old daughter in home owned by her. $21K unsecured debt. Car loan(upside down due to rollover from lease) with 43 months remaining at $358 per month. Monthly expenses ~$3K(but could reduce to $2.6K) including $750 month minimum payments on credit cards. Have been carrying this ... Read More »

                    Marriage and Money: How to Talk to Your New Spouse About Finances

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                    So you’re engaged. Or thinking about it. If you’re really serious about spending the rest of your life with another person, it’s time to get some of the tougher issues out in the open. Somewhere near the top of your list should be MONEY. Conflicts about money issues can stop a relationship before it has a chance to be successful. ... Read More »

                      Do It Yourself Guide to Credit Reports: 10 Ways to Improve Your Credit

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                      So your credit’s not so hot. A few late payments, maybe an account or two that went to collections. What’s the big deal? As you’ve probably found out, it may be a very big deal. You’ve probably already been turned down for the best credit cards and maybe you’ve had trouble getting a car loan. Perhaps you’ve even put off ... Read More »

                        Lowen Wants to Know “Can I Budget My Way Out Of Debt?”

                        Lowen “Dear Steve, I have $102,000.00 in student loans, $21,000 in credit debt, and can’t budget my way out of a wet paper bag. I make $21.40 per hr and work 36 hrs a week, my wife works and makes $11.50 per hr and works 30 hrs per week. I own nothing of value, no homes, my cars are at ... Read More »

                          We Have a Lot of Debt, But Not a Lot of Savings. – Ann

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                          “Dear Steve, Currently we have a lot of debt. We are making this the year to pay a lot of this down. We don’t have much of a savings. Our current debt is this: a first mortgage = 170K, second mortgage that = 35K, first credit card = 17K, second credit card = 5K, and a truck that equals 25K. ... Read More »

                            Should I Still Save Money Even When I’m Trying to Get Out of Debt? – Lisa

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                            “Dear Steve, I am a student and receive monthly disability compensation. I have about $40,000 worth of debt…credit card, car loan, student loan… I recently started a payment plan through a debt consolidation company and am working on getting out of debt. I do not work and have a fixed income. Should I still be putting money aside in savings ... Read More »

                              I Have $747 in Savings. How Can I Pay Down My Debt? – Annette

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                              Annette “Dear Steve, I owe $94,023 total. I owe $41,089 on my mortgage, at 6% interest, and $2,754 on my car, at 6% interest. I owe $50,189 on my credit cards and line of credit, at interest rates ranging from 3.99% to 12%. My annual income is $56732. My house payment is $549, my car payment is $353, and my ... Read More »

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