Judge Bloom Finds California-Based Internet Lender, CashCall, Abused West Virginia Consumers, Violated State Usury Laws. $15 Million Returned to WV

In a much-anticipated ruling likely to have national implications, Kanawha Circuit Judge Louis H. Bloom entered two lengthy orders yesterday finding in favor of the State on all its claims and ordering Internet lender, CashCall, of Anaheim, California, to pay $15 million in civil penalties, refunds, and cancelled debts for the 292 West Virginia consumers …

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I Am Being Buried Under The Credit Card Fees and Costs. – Dawn

“Dear Steve, Steve, my I take this opportunity to thank you for your service. My family’s financial situation has taken a drastic change resulting in having to use credit cards to stay afloat for a time, something I would never do if another choice was available. Though I pay my credit cards each month, I …

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100% Credit Card Interest Rates Charged in Mexico

Just when you thought the banks in the United States were really sticking it to consumers, least we forget what is happening in Mexico. I previously wrote about Wal-Mart de Mexico Plans 100,000 Credit Cards by Year-End — With Interest Rates of 59% to 75% Well apparently Mexico is now starting to draw some lines …

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