I Filed Bankruptcy Myself But Not Clear if My Student Loans Were Discharged? – Michael

I was discharged through chapter 7 in Oct. 2011. I have two loans in question. One from Wells Fargo and one with the University of California, Davis. I want to know if either were discharged. The loan from UC Davis was issued from the University. They deposited money into my account after I submitted an … Read more

Wells Fargo Private Student Loan Problems. – Julia

“Dear Steve, My sister (44) took a loan from Wells Fargo some years ago to go back to school for her MBA. She has had some financial difficulties since then (lay off, divorce etc.), and had an arrangement of interest only payments of about $150/month. She’s saying that Wells Fargo has sold her loan to … Read more

I Co-Signed for My Daughter’s Student Loan But the Payments Are Going to the Wrong Lender. – Dianne

“Dear Steve, I co-signed on my daughters student loan; the loan was sold but I continued to pay the original lender. Now I.n past due with the new loan holder. Can this money be transferred to the new loan holder? I co-signed on my daughters AES student loan and have been paying on time as … Read more