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I’m Disabled But Navient Increased My Student Loan Balances – Betsy

Written by Steve Rhode


Dear Steve,

I had a part of my student loan $40,000 written off due to disability. I am no longer capable of working. I only owed 23,000 more.

Now Naviant has my loan and they are saying I still owe the whole amount. And I looked at my account and they have added more on to it and it now states I owe $91,000 that’s ridiculous. What can I do? They keep telling me they will work with me for repayment but I can only pay about $30 a month which they will not accept.



Dear Betsy,

It’s not clear exactly what has gone on here. If these are federal student loans you can obtain a full federal student loan forgiveness if you already have a Social Security disability ruling and you complete and submit an application for a Total and Permanent (TPD) Discharge. This site will give you the details.

However if these are private student loans then it is unlikely you will get any discharge. Private lenders are not required to offer such programs and they generally don’t.

The issue with the inflated balance indicates to me that the student loans went into default and a collection penalty plus interest has been building on them. That sounds correct and in accordance with most student loan agreements.

If these are private student loans and the lender/servicer is unwilling to work with you and does not have an affordable payment you can make then your only option is you will fall into default. Default is not necessarily the worst outcome. You should read Top 10 Reasons You Should Stop Paying Your Unaffordable Private Student Loan.

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