Mission Hills Federal Might be a New Player in the Student Loan Assistance Market Place That is Going to Cause Concerns

A consumer just submitted a complaint about National Secure Processing. It had an interesting statement in it. The consumer said, “After being forced to make restitution, pay forfeitures and cease operations in Washington, Oregon and North Carolina, the company ceased operations in December 2017. Incredibly, they assigned my contract to another mysterious entity called Mission Hills Federal, which is still attempting to enforce the contract!”

I think this is the first I’ve heard about Mission Hills Federal. But the BBB website lists information about other consumers who allegedly received an assignment of their contract to Mission Hills Federal.

One post says:

Today December 22nd 2017 I received an email from NSP stating this: NSP – Account Notice Dear Ronald, We would like to inform you that your account has been assigned to Mission Hills Federal for completion of your contract agreement. This assignment is not due to any problems with your account, but rather represents a change in the entity that owns the account. Your rights and responsibilities regarding the contract have not changed, and to be clear, your student loan payment terms, payment dates, and payment amounts will remain the exact same. This change will be reflected as of January 1st, 2018. You will not see any change in payments moving forward. If you have any questions, please contact Mission Hills Federal at the following number: 877-242-8670 or by email at support@missionhillsfederal.com. Thank you for being a valued client. Sincerely, National Secure Processing I want to know is this there way of trying to change names and stay under the radar while still trying to collect funds? – Source

Mission Hills Federal describes themselves as “dedicated to providing outstanding loan management and services as part of our commitment to uphold ethical and honest business practices.” – Source

According to the Mission Hills Federal website they are located at 30211 Avenida De Las Banderas #200 Rancho Santa Maragarita, CA 92688 which happens to be a virtual office address.

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What is surprising is the State of California has no business listing for a Mission Hills Federal as either a corporation or LLC.

Another address Mission Hills Federal lists is, Mission Hills Federal, Office of the General Counsel, 15540 Rockfield Ave Ste A-110, Irvine, CA 92619. – Source

That address appears in August 2017 appears to be associated with some other company name and in fact the zip code they list is incorrect for that address.

The terms and conditions page on their website also lists a MHF Technology which is also not registered to do business in California.

And that same terms page makes an interesting statement that arbitration should take place in “the City of Orlando” which seems crazy for a California company. Even the State of Florida has nothing listed for either company.

Now it gets even more puzzling when you look closely at the Mission Hills Federal website that purports to be a “loan management and services” company. Curiously the site code describes them as “meta property=”og:description” content=”Debt Management & Document Preparation” which could easily sound like a student loan assistance company.

Even the domain ownership for missionhillsfederal.com is hidden. So in essence we have no public identity for the folks behind Mission Hills Federal. I reached out to the company for some answers and clarifications but at the time of this publication I have not heard back from them.

If you are considering doing business with Mission Hills Federal you might want to checkout the company using my free guides.

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11 thoughts on “Mission Hills Federal Might be a New Player in the Student Loan Assistance Market Place That is Going to Cause Concerns”

  1. Has anyone talked to someone about legal action against Mission Hills? Has Mission Hills tried to claim anything against you on your credit Report?

  2. I am facing the same thing. None of my payments have gone to my student loan and my balance has increased about 15000 since I started this program. I have called them and the lady just talks circles around me and never answers my questions. I do not know what to do

    • What did you do? I can never reach anyone there and they never respond to my emails. I have never received at 1098-E from them and still have not again this year. What are we supposed to do?

    • Same thing happened to me. These people are a complete SCAM! We need to all team up and take down these people. I am filing a complaint on the following website: consumerfinance.gov

      If you have any questions on how to file a claim call me. 9494249759. My name is Nicci and I have been a victim in their game as well:( I am all over this and I really want to take this fraudulent company down! Jack Bauer status of course 🙂

  3. Totally a scam!! Was contacted by Fed Loan Servicing that Mission Hills had set up a forbearance on my student loan and has been pocketing the money I have been paying. Not one cent has gone to my loan. When I tried to contact Mission Hills they said I could not cancel the agreement until the yearly renewal. Never signed an agreement with Mission Hills. They bought out National Secure Processing which was also a scam.

  4. Same thing going on with me. I am fighting and fighting. I am now getting responses from a FederalDG.com, which also has not real domain registration and no business registration in California and Delaware (the other obvious choice).

  5. I just closed my account and reopened a new bank account. They are 100% a scam. Just reported them to Federal Trade Commission 877-382-4357. They’ve taken over $2,000 from me an zero dollars have gone to my real student loan.

    • Hi Kristi, Have you been able to get any of your money back from the Federal Trade commission.? I have been dealing with the same issue as we all have on this web forum 🙁

  6. They have a new address that is in a Regus building in California. I called Regus and the company DOES actually lease space in that office. I’m closing my account too just in case.

  7. I had the same experience. I would like to warn others not to be scammed. I just closed my checking account so they can’t withdraw anymore money. I will just let the government continue to take my yearly taxes. At least I know the loan will get paid..

    • Hi, I called my student Loan Lender about this. It’s better to just do business directly with them because what most people don’t know is that they offer the same help than these scam companies. With the only difference and much more convenient because you will actually be paying them the whole amount and it will be going toward any balance you have. And see the taxes problem I have it too but when I spoke with them they told me that that whole amount was only covering all those old interest. So I had the courage to pay them and have my taxes and credit fixed. Hope it helps.


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