Tweed Lending Offer Raises Reasonable Questions

The same reader who sent me this other mailer, also sent me a mailer from Tweed Lending. The other mailer said it was not for a debt consolidation loan while this one actually says it is for a debt consolidation loan.

The consumer who received this lives in Virginia. According to the State of Virginia public records, Tweed Lending is not registered to do business in the state.

A quick search using my guides below came up with some additional interesting information.

A review on Top 10 Jungle said, “There have been recent complaints regarding Tweed Lending’s business practices. Consumers believe they are applying for a loan when in fact they will be referred to an outside attorney to negotiate their debts and charge additional fees. Due to a mix of bait and switch tactics, an aggressive sales team and poor customer support, we can not in good faith recommend Tweed Lending. Their method of approaching customers is borderline bullying and their strategies used to sell their services are at the very least questionable. Possible connections to Graphite Funding. Salvation Funding, Lafayette Funding, Pebblestone Financial, Broadstar Financial, Stallion Lending & Patriot Funding.” – Source

Other sites also had unfavorable reviews. And this site made another connection with an entity I’ve written about before. The site says, “Tweed Lending is another tentacle of the Debt Consolidation Octopus, MEC Distribution, LLC.”

The mailer the consumer received does not say anything about referring consumers to outside companies. The entire mailer appears to be selling a debt consolidation loan product.

According to the State of North Dakota, Tweed Lending registered on May 18, 2018 and listed the owner as SINEW MANAGEMENT GROUP, LLC, 3949 HIGHWAY 8 STE 111, NEW TOWN, ND 58763-9567. – Source

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Sinew Management Group says it is a Delaware registered company and is engaged in software development. Corporate records list telephone number 701-627-3042 which is also related to Salvation Funding, MEC Development, MEC Distribution, MEC Energy Services, and MEC Technologies.

Probably the most interesting discovery is that telephone number is listed as the Mandaree Enterprise department number with the Indian tribe Mandan, Hidatsa and Arikara Nation. – Source

According to the Tweed Lending website they are located at 1720 Burnt Boat Drive, Suite 107, Bismark, ND. And the Tweed Lending website at says the company is “owned and operated by Lucky Marketing.” – Source

The mailer envelope lists the same address.

And now here is a very interesting statement from the Tweed Lending privacy page. “National Debt Relief, LLC, and our partners…” The privacy policy says it is current as of July 9, 2018.

I think here is what we can piece together. The mailer is from some entity that may or may not be part of an Indian tribe enterprise. The offer may or may not result in a loan offer but may instead be a referral to an outside debt relief company like National Debt Relief.

The mailer says a B. Gallagher is the president but I could not confirm that.

Just do your own research before you leap.

Steve Rhode

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