Tweed Lending Offer Raises Reasonable Questions

The same reader who sent me this other mailer, also sent me a mailer from Tweed Lending. The other mailer said it was not for a debt consolidation loan while this one actually says it is for a debt consolidation loan. The consumer who received this lives in Virginia. According to the State of Virginia … Read more

Let’s Look at the Pebblestone Financial Debt Consolidation Loan Mailer

A reader sent in a recent mailer they had received from Pebblestone Financial out of North Dakota. The name caught my attention because I had a reader question which included Pebblestone Financial. While the mailer appears to be a pre-approved offer for a debt consolidation loan, don’t assume it is. In the fine print on … Read more

My Dying Aunt Signed Up for Pebblestone Financial and Boulder Legal Group

Question: Dear Steve, My Aunt and Uncle just signed up [near start of February] with a company Named Pebblestone Financial which uses a Legal firm Boulder Legal Group LLC. I am concerned. She told her sister my mom, we live next door. I wasn’t there for the interview. She is on hospice and I know … Read more