Supreme Court Appears to Make Federal Student Loan Debt Collection Calls to Cellphones – Not Allowed

The decision posted today from the Supreme Court was about debt collection calls to cellphones when a debt is owed to the government. Wellfederal student loans are owed to the government so it sure seems to apply.

The charge against these types of calls was led by the Court more conservative Justices’.

Justice Kavanaugh wrote the majority opinion and said, “But a 2015 amendment to the TCPA allows robocalls that are made to collect debts owed to or guaranteed by the Federal Government, including robocalls made to collect many student loan and mortgage debts.”

“Six Members of the Court today conclude that Congress has impermissibly favored debt-collection speech over political and other speech, in violation of the First Amendment.”

But rather than tossing out the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) the Court determined “the entire 1991 robocall restriction should not be invalidated, but rather that the 2015 government-debt exception must be invalidated and severed from the remainder of the statute.”

The case was brought by political groups that claimed their First Amendment rights were being violated because they couldn’t robocall your cellphone.

Thankfully, the Court said, “plaintiffs still may not make political robocalls to cell phones, but their speech is now treated equally with debt-collection speech.”

I’d sure rank political calls to my cellphone as equally putrid as a collection call. Can’t stand either of them.

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