My Wife Was Issued a 1099-C By American Express for Her Sister’s Debt


Dear Steve,

A 1099C was issued in my wife’s name for debt her sister incurred and that was credited to my wife as income to the IRS.

This was of an approved settlement my sister paid to American Express.

I spoke to American Express Customer service three times and was told there is no number to American Express Outside Agency department that handles such matters but I could mail them a letter and fax request for a review and if approved a new 1099C issued.

I sent a certified letter in July and a fax in August but have not heard anything.

Is American Express Outside Agency Department responsible for reviewing/revising an error on the 1099C and if so what is their contact information? If not who do I contact?




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Dear Joe,

Well, that is odd for sure. If your wife was not a co-signer or borrower on the loan it’s not clear how she would be involved at all.

If this is just a 1099-C error in reporting, I just answered another question where I described the process to get it corrected. See this post.

Your wife would need to call the IRS to get this ball rolling.

However, I can’t help but feel there is more to this debt and that maybe you are not getting all the facts. American Express might not always be perfect but I’ve never seen a 1099-C issued in the name of someone not associated with the original debt.

Please do some more digging and report back in the comments section below.

Damon Day - Pro Debt Coach

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