Is Money Management International a Legitimate Debt Consolidation Company? – Jim

“Dear Steve,

I have $70,000 in credit card debt, irregular income, paying for son’s college education, current with all my creditors so no calls to date

Is money management international legitimate? i have communicated with a few debt colsolidation companies, have read all sorts of complaints on various blogs of these firms, as they did not deliver what they stated. these folks sould legitimate, and i do not see consumer complaints. please tell me if these folks deliver.



Dear Jim,

Money Management International is a long established and well run NFCC, Consumer Credit Counseling Service franchise office. When it comes to being able to process a standard debt management program solution they’ve got that down to a science. That’s not what concerns me.

What does concern me is your statement about irregular income.

So why is it you are searching out a credit counseling solution? Are you having problems making ends meet? Have you maybe been using credit to get by during times when the income was irregular? Can you easily afford the monthly minimum payments on your credit cards? What is your honest assessment of your income moving forward in the next five years, do you think it might drop?

If you can answer these questions for me by Damon Day - Pro Debt Coach

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  1. I’m thinking of hiring Dinaldson Williams. I heard good things about them and someone I know used them and they got out of debt. I’m wondering how is it going for you Jim? Would you recommend them?


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