Money Management International Gobbles Up Clearpoint Credit Counseling Solutions

All I’ve got to say is I never saw that coming. Money Management International consuming Clearpoint Credit Counseling in a merger. Here is what I’ve learned from public sources. Money Management International – new organization will utilize both MMI and Clearpoint tradenames. Christopher Honenberger, chief executive officer of Clearpoint, announced his plan to retire in … Read more

Money Management International Accused in Kick-Backs in Class Action Settlement

Now here is something you don’t get to witness often, if at all. Apparently there is a bit of disturbed blood milling about in the credit counseling world right now. In just doing some routine checking on activity I came across a very, very odd letter from the Association of Independent Consumer Credit Counseling Agencies … Read more

I Can Make the Minimum Credit Card Payments But Trying to Decide Between MMI and Bankruptcy. – Tony

“Dear Steve, Own a home, divorced, alimony is $375/month through May 2013, a $500/month loan with lending club through July 2013. House payment is $1,250 including assessments. Credit card debt alone is $25,000. Lending Club loan has about $6,000 left. Total unsecured debt is about $35,000, including student loan. My house isn’t selling — the … Read more

Are CareOne, MMI, Clearpoint, or GreenPath Credit Counseling Companies Legit? – Leah

$26,000 in credit card debt and medical bills piling up since my surgery last year. I lost one income since my surgery and only able to make minimum payment on my credit cards. I have been looking into several credit counseling companies for a week now and I would like to get in a Debt … Read more

Is it Legitimate for MMI to Ask for a Service Fee of $12 a Month and $50 Start Up Fee since they say they are non-profit? – Bea

“Dear Steve, I recently signed up with MMI to lower high interest (29.9%) credit cards that my husband had. I was told that the initial fee for the month would be $50 plus $12, plus another $10 cushion. After that the $12 plus $10 per month would apply. They would then manange and disburse payments … Read more

Is Money Management International a valid company or is it a scam? – Leanna

I have some balances with Chase. A Chase representative called me when I missed a payment. I told him I have hardship and can not pay. He gave a number to MMI. I called and spent almost 2 hours on the phone with a very professional, trustworthy sounding individual who pulled my credit report and … Read more

I Was Thinking of Enrolling With MMI. – Mae

I have a 48,000 credit card debt and I am seriously thinking about enrolling in Money Mangagement International Debt Management program. I understand that I would be debt free in about 5 years. I am to make my monjthly deposits and they would represent me with my creditors. Are they completly legitimate? I am uneasy … Read more

Swindell & Associates, Texas, now affiliated or referring to Macey Bankruptcy Law? – Yale

Went to a Swindell office in Fort Worth for bankruptcy consultation, and counseled toward debt management program, in order to retain assets. 40% debt settlement by implied promise, monthly payments to a special acct. until enough accumulated to negotiate settlement with largest creditor, then next largest, etc. Monthly pmts include our fee to Swindell (Macey?) … Read more

I Can’t Afford My Money Management International Payment Anymore. – Paul

“Dear Steve, Signed up with MMI (MoneyManagement Intl) about 1 year ago. Now my wife is not working full time which is about 2000 hit to our monthly income. It’s possible that in the next 6 to 12 months she’ll have a better paying job than she had – in the mean time were are … Read more

Should We Go With MMI Since We Can’t Find a Debt Consolidation Loan? – Tony

“Dear Steve, Over the years due to some large emergency expenses, not having an emergency fund, overspending on our part and a decrease in my income my husband and I have accumulated a large amount of credit card debt. We have always valued our good credit and have always kept a handle on it, but … Read more

I Have Questions About Entering a Debt Management Plan With MMI. – Jennicka

“Dear Steve, Thank you for your site. I’m at a precipice and need your help. I am employed making $130,000 a year with $76,000 in debt, with mortgage and school tuition monthly payments of $3200 a month not including utilities, car/home maintenance etc. My husband has been laid off since May and with the credit … Read more

MilitaryOneSource.com Sent Me to Money Management International But I Need More Help. – Jennifer

“Dear Steve, I have a problem with debt– My husband and I both work– and have decent incomes– we own a house– are up to date with our bills– but our past credit cards will never go away– they keep growing– the interest rates are too high (23%, 21%,etc) we keep paying the minimum–(that’s all … Read more

I Had a Payment Plan With Money Management International But Today My Income Was Cut in Half. – Lee

“Dear Damon, About 18 months ago I entered an agreement with Money Management. At the time I had two incomes that allowed me to faithfully make a payment of $1710.00 a month. Today I received notice that my second job with a salary of $41,000 was eliminated effective today. I still owe about $53,000 in … Read more

Is Debt Management or Credit Counseling the Best Solution for Me? – Trisha

I make approximately $65000 a year but owe $30000 in unsecured debt in addition to student loans, a mortgage (that just went up by $500 due to escrow issues) and a car note. As a side note both the house and car have negative equity. With the increase in my mortgage I am struggling to … Read more

Would Talking With Money Management International Ruin My Credit? – Shan

“Dear Damon, I have $30,000 in debt due to my college tuition. Most of it is in Citi bank. My interest rates are really high. Starting from 13% to 29%. I am paying around $1000 towards minimum payments. Due to that I am living pay check to pay check. I am worried that I will … Read more