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Money Management International Accused in Kick-Backs in Class Action Settlement

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Now here is something you don’t get to witness often, if at all. Apparently there is a bit of disturbed blood milling about in the credit counseling world right now. In just doing some routine checking on activity I came across a very, very odd letter from the Association of Independent Consumer Credit Counseling Agencies (AICCCA) to the U.S. District ... Read More »

    Student Loan Alliance Teaches Credit Counselors What About Student Loans?

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    Student Loan Alliance put out a press release earlier this week talking about the training they were giving credit counseling agencies in order to deal with student loan problems. Student Loan Alliance says the credit counseling agencies that participate in their approach and training are The participating organizations are: Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Greater Dallas, Consumer Credit Counseling Service ... Read More »

      Should I Go With Money Management or Novadebt Like My Credit Card Company Suggested? – Rhonda

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      “Dear Steve, I have one credit card card with 12,000 then another with 8,000 with 15% and a store card with 2,000 paying out about $550 a month was considering debt consolidation because the finance charge on the $8,000 is $108 a month. I have looked at so many companies and i can’t decide. One credit card company listed 3 ... Read More »

        Greenpath Pays Credit Counselors More

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        A reader forwarded me a link to a site called Glassdoor where people can do salary searches for specific jobs by salary or opening. The results are kind of interesting. If you sought to be paid the most as a credit counselor, according to Glassdoor, the last place you want to work is Arizona Federal Credit Union. The highest paying ... Read More »

          How Bad Will My Credit Drop if I Use Money Management International? – Dave

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          “Dear Steve, Racked up credit card debt when I was young I have about $17,000 in credit card debt. I heard about Money Management International because Bank of America recommended them to me because I was trying to get my payments lower. Is this company legit? How bad will my credit drop? Dave” Dear Dave, Regardless of what a credit ... Read More »

            Is it Legitimate for MMI to Ask for a Service Fee of $12 a Month and $50 Start Up Fee since they say they are non-profit? – Bea

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            “Dear Steve, I recently signed up with MMI to lower high interest (29.9%) credit cards that my husband had. I was told that the initial fee for the month would be $50 plus $12, plus another $10 cushion. After that the $12 plus $10 per month would apply. They would then manange and disburse payments to the creditors. If they ... Read More »

              Is Money Management International a valid company or is it a scam? – Leanna

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              I have some balances with Chase. A Chase representative called me when I missed a payment. I told him I have hardship and can not pay. He gave a number to MMI. I called and spent almost 2 hours on the phone with a very professional, trustworthy sounding individual who pulled my credit report and proposed a debt restructuring plan ... Read More »

                I Was Thinking of Enrolling With MMI. – Mae

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                I have a 48,000 credit card debt and I am seriously thinking about enrolling in Money Mangagement International Debt Management program. I understand that I would be debt free in about 5 years. I am to make my monjthly deposits and they would represent me with my creditors. Are they completly legitimate? I am uneasy about this and any other ... Read More »

                  I Can’t Afford My Money Management International Payment Anymore. – Paul

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                  “Dear Steve, Signed up with MMI (MoneyManagement Intl) about 1 year ago. Now my wife is not working full time which is about 2000 hit to our monthly income. It’s possible that in the next 6 to 12 months she’ll have a better paying job than she had – in the mean time were are about $1,000 short per month. ... Read More »

           Suggested Money Management International to Us. – Jenn

                    “Dear Damon, I am 54,000 of unsecured- CREDIT CARD debt– ranging from American Express, USAA, Chase , Citibank, and store credit (Walmart, Kohl’s,JCPenney, LOWE’s, Home Depot, etc)– I do not even use them anymore– the interest rates are so high( 23%,21%, etc) My husband and I both work, own a house, pay our bills on time– but never have enough ... Read More »

                      I Have Questions About Entering a Debt Management Plan With MMI. – Jennicka

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                      “Dear Steve, Thank you for your site. I’m at a precipice and need your help. I am employed making $130,000 a year with $76,000 in debt, with mortgage and school tuition monthly payments of $3200 a month not including utilities, car/home maintenance etc. My husband has been laid off since May and with the credit card rate increases it is ... Read More »

               Sent Me to Money Management International But I Need More Help. – Jennifer

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                        “Dear Steve, I have a problem with debt– My husband and I both work– and have decent incomes– we own a house– are up to date with our bills– but our past credit cards will never go away– they keep growing– the interest rates are too high (23%, 21%,etc) we keep paying the minimum–(that’s all that we can afford) we ... Read More »

                          Would it Be Better for Us to File Bankruptcy or Go With Credit Counseling in Pennsylvania

                          “Dear Lewis, Yes I am about 10,000 in credit card debt. I recently got married he also has debt to together are credit card debt is about 700.00 a month. We are not on each other account he was an authorize user but recently took him off. We live in PA. The house is in just my husbands name and ... Read More »

                            I Had a Payment Plan With Money Management International But Today My Income Was Cut in Half. – Lee

                            “Dear Damon, About 18 months ago I entered an agreement with Money Management. At the time I had two incomes that allowed me to faithfully make a payment of $1710.00 a month. Today I received notice that my second job with a salary of $41,000 was eliminated effective today. I still owe about $53,000 in unsecured debts from credit cards ... Read More »

                              Would Talking With Money Management International Ruin My Credit? – Shan

                              “Dear Damon, I have $30,000 in debt due to my college tuition. Most of it is in Citi bank. My interest rates are really high. Starting from 13% to 29%. I am paying around $1000 towards minimum payments. Due to that I am living pay check to pay check. I am worried that I will be paying minimum payments for ... Read More »

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