9 thoughts on “City of Chicago Goes After Strategic Financial Solutions and Monarch Legal Group”

  1. Hi Steve, I am a victim of Monarch until now for 3 years. Can you help me please? Would love to hear from you. Thank you Sir.

  2. I was a victim of Monarch and I filed for Chapter 13 bankruptcy as a result of trusting them. I am thrilled that the City of Chicago is going after them. BTW, I was able to get $14k refunded by following the steps detailed on your blog, so thank you for that blog post!

  3. I see that with the Debt Validation companies. “No advance fee” Debt Settlement companies couldn’t survive with that mentality. Its the exact reason Veritas stopped working with them altogether, many of our participating attorneys will not work with them either.

  4. We are seeing this action a lot more lately, Im surprised it was just the City of Chicago and not the CFPB or the FTC. Pretty much every Debt Settlement regulatory attorney has warned against doing business this way but they never listen.

    The day of Debt Settlement companies creating their own non-compliant “Legal Plan” that provides the consumer with nothing more that a template answer to file themselves is thankfully coming to an end. It’s deceiving, unethical and gives the Industry and the legitimate companies a black eye.

    • Angelo, I’m seeing a disturbing trend where companies are waiting for clients to get sued and then dropping those accounts and rejecting account refunds. This kind of attitude destroys the debt relief space for good people that want to do good things. As an industry, companies continue to allow their niche to be destroyed by not speaking out about the bad actors.

      Outrage by companies that remain silent does not equal action to protect good companies or debt relief help for consumers that need reputable help.

      Thank you for speaking up and out.



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