Is Century Law Firm or Century Law Group Selling Debt Relief?

I’ve recently heard more about a group offering legal help to get people out of debt. People have mentioned similar names of companies, both Century Law Group and Century Law Firm. From a look at each company’s website CenturyLawInc.com and CenturyLawGroup.com it initially appears to me that the company primarily focused on selling debt relief … Read more

New Attorney Learns the Lessons of Being a Front for Debt Relief The Hard Way

I just discovered the misfortunes of Daniel S. Rufty, an attorney in North Carolina that was brought before the North Carolina State Bar for his debt relief business. Rufty was a brand new attorney hired to represent an out-of-state group of lawyers for their debt settlement business. Things did not end well for Rufty but … Read more

Bruins Capital Mailer Leads to Strategic Consulting for Settlement

A reader sent me a mailer they received from Bruins Capital for a Debt Consolidation Loan. The consumer said, “I fell for the one with Bruins Capital. They redirected me to another service, and then I filled an online form, and Strategic Consulting called with an offer to pay off all debt at a reduced … Read more

Lawsuit Goes After a Gaggle of Entities in the Settlement Industry And Lays Open Law Firms Involved

Ice Legal out of Lake Worth Florida has found a target in firms that were engaged in debt settlement. I’ve just discovered a complaint filed in Florida in March 2020 that targets Strategic Financial Solutions, F.Solutions, Strategic Client Support, Summit Client Services, Ryan Sasson, Kimberly Celic, Lauren Montanile, Wyolaw, Jason Blust, Guillermo Geisse, Timothy Burnette, … Read more

Is Strategic Financial Solution Legit or a Scam? Are They Too Good to Be True?

Question: Dear Steve, Lots of debt almost always on time but I am getting close to not being able to keep up with them. 36K 1200.00 a month payments on credit cards Is Strategic Financial Solutions legit or a scam company. BBB gave them an A-? They are not accredited though. I am confused, are … Read more

Strategic Financial Solutions and Others Hit With Unpaid Wages Suit

It was just ten days ago when I write about the employment suit against National Debt Relief and I said it seemed like the old settlement days when these sorts of cases were coming fairly regularly. Well on June 17, 2016 another labor suit was filed against Strategic Financial Solutions, Pioneer Law Firm, The Law … Read more