I Went to St. George’s University, Got Bad Information and I’m Deep in Debt


Dear Steve,

$568,000 in student loan debt between undergraduate and medical school. I went to St George’s University a massive for-profit medical school in Grenada.

The education was fine, but the cost of attending was extremely misleading, and I was told I could do my clinicals in Connecticut (my home state), which would have saved me boatloads of money on housing, food etc.

That did not turn out to be the case at all. Clinical was wherever the school had partnering hospitals for each rotation…. Which led me to 5 different states in 2 years. When you need to find housing quickly, and for the short term, it’s much more expensive than finding an apartment and signing a 1-year lease agreement.

I don’t have a way to prove that the university was misleading. It was a series of conversations with program staff from the university because their website was too vague to be able to make a solid plan for the four years.

I’m trying to tackle my debt the best I can. It just doesn’t even seem mathematically possible that I owe that much!! Most of my loans are with aidvantage now $545,000 (see photo), I have 3 with Navient: 1 Stafford subsidized, 1 Stafford unsubsidized at 6.8% interest, and 1 “signature student private” loan at 10.625% interest. There has been a ton of moving around of my loans to different servicers…. None of which I understand.

My question is, are there any other resources for helping to clear some of this student debt? I am already aware of the various payment plans they offer.

Also, how would you approach this? This is very overwhelming.

I appreciate your expertise and willingness to help!



Dear Rose,

You are lucky you even got your clinicals in the US. Other past students never could land an internship back in the US, and the education was worthless to become a doctor here in the United States.

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If you feel the school misled you, I will urge you to file a Borrower Defense to Repayment application to attempt to get your federal student loans forgiven.

There is no real downside to filing it. If your loans get put on hold while it is processed, you want to ensure interest is not piling up. If it is still being added, continue to make payments.

Because of the number and mix of your loans, I can’t give you a simple answer like do this one thing. The best approach is going to be multi-phased and customized.

Your best bet is to work with Damon Day to create a giant unique, and comprehensive solution for all your many loans. The private one is interesting and adds a different twist.

I looked around and found this bankruptcy case previously filed that is being appealed. The former St. George’s student is trying to get her student loans discharged in bankruptcy. The case is ongoing.

There is also this FTC announcement naming St. George’s University, School of Medicine, Inc. on the Penalty Offense list.

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