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I Paid New Life Financial Solutions for Debt Help But Are They a Scam? – Bill

“Dear Steve,

was cold called by New Life Financial. I signed up with them hoping they could help consolidate and reduce my debt. I gave 3 payments of $1473. I have a hard time getting a hold of them. I just read an article they might be a scam. I am starting to get very nervous. They are working with

1) IRS debt of $13,000
2) Chase and Mastercard…$12,000
3) Pocono Medical Hospital Bills $4,000
4) Springleaf Financial, Tannersville Pa. $12,00
5) Bank of America Mortgage..monthly payment $1040.00

Is New Life Financial a Scam..what can I do if they are. They told me not to pay my bills to these creditors …its been three months since I Paid any bills. Need advice.

Thank you,


Dear Bill,

So what have they accomplished for $1,473? Since it is illegal in the U.S. to charge advance fees for debt relief services I’m curious what you paid for?

The IRS debt is not one to play around with. Ignoring that can lead to serious consequences.

If you are not paying your creditors what are you doing with the payments?

So give them a call and find out what progress they claim to have made.

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