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I’m Working at a Debt Relief Call Center in Florida and I Think It’s a Scam

“Dear Steve,

I am working at a call center in florida, just started the job, and I think its a scam. The company is only doing business in Canada under two companies, that we are told to say we are a separate entity from us. They used to be called Vortex before, and I have heard they change their name frequently.

Is this comany a scam? i do not want to continue to work there if it is, but I am reluctant to ask about this at work.

Please help!”

Dear Friend,

I’m leaving your name out of this post because I don’t want to get you in trouble and I want to share information I have received from other about the office that I’ve not printed before.

Other employees at the same call center have shared information with me and expressed deep concerns. Some have been exceptional sources of information to help me protect consumers.

Let me know if this sounds familiar.

The company works out of Boca Raton and there is another office in Melbourne. The call center is getting calls that are generated by an autodialer that appears to be located in a Miami area code and then transferred to the call center where you answer them and guide them to one of two programs with companies that pretend they are located in Canada.

One company is licensed only in one province in Canada but signs people up across other provincess.

You’ve asked around and you can’t find employees that can tell you if anyone has ever completed the program.

Staff turnover is high and as a counselor advising people about their financial affairs, you are not licensed or certified by anyone.

The autodial calls say you are a consumer advocate and you answer the phone as “financial services.”

The company you work for is never mentioned to the caller, just the two companies allegedly located in Canada you are selling them in to. That is unless the call comes from the U.S.

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If you want to add a comment below to let me know if I’m on track I might be able to give you some additional information.

Who are the two companies you are selling people into and what are you told to tell them?

Big Hug!


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  • Please will someone get the authorities to press charges against Tim McCallan already!! How long does this have to go on with the web of deceit and the phony companies? Greed and Hubris!  I’m tired of repeating myself!  Anyone out there that has any connections in the IRS, FTC please tell them to just do a hours worth of research and take this guy down already he makes Pukke and Puccio look honest at this point.

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