My Drives License is Suspended Until I Pay My Fines. – Phillip

“Dear Steve,

I have over 15,000 in hospital debt, over 9,000 in traffic fines and a student loan debt of more than 30,000 dollars. I keep making valuable efforts to repay with my income but with recent moves and job changes Im just losing my mind focus and energy.

I regret my financial decisions and argued some of my fines but I dont even think bankruptcy is an option. I work very hard even looking for a part time job. My rent is over 750 a month and with food and other expenses, well its challenging..im seeing a counsler to help cope with my mental health but know its not the cure..i dont know, any ideas????

My drivers license is on hold until I pay off my fines. With my other debt my student loans (collection agency) wants 300 a month nothing smaller. Its going to take years for me to pay off my traffic fines, which are all non speeding tickets, just lack of registration,safety and no insurance. Do I have any options here to start fresh??? Im scared single depressed and have no clue what to do?????? Ive spoke with lawyers and others and so far im getting no help?? Can u offer any advice? Yes, im desperate!!! I


Dear Phillip,

It seems like the underlying issue here is the lack of organization. You’ve alluded that your mental state has some impact on getting that under control.

Getting yourself stabilized for your mental illness would be my first priority and then we can tackle some of the other issues afterwards. Without that stable foundation I’m very concerned that any progress we try to make towards the debt is simply going to bust out again.

If you have government backed student loans I want to you look into the Income Based Repayment program (IBR). This would give you a payment based on your income.

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Don’t forget about me here. Keep me updated on getting your mental issue under control and then we’ll tackle the debt. Deal?

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You are not alone. I'm here to help. There is no need to suffer in silence. We can get through this. Tomorrow can be better than today. Don't give up.

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1 thought on “My Drives License is Suspended Until I Pay My Fines. – Phillip”

  1. hey steve
    its philip again…
    well, ive followed your advice as well on my own.. have been seeking counsling.. mostly for deppression. i have been in a repayment program not for about 4 months, have tackled some other debts by deciding to file for chapter 7 bankruptcy. i still have to pay of the attorney fees to get it into motion but this will eradicate my hospital debt and outstanding collections.. after this i will just have my student loans and enormus traffic fines.. ive contacted the collection agency his is holding my account and am going to try and set up a payment plan.. unfortunately, i dont think they do payment plans which drives me crazy.. im homless, have no car so its difficult to get to a bank and fill out money orders which now cost 3.50 each even if i have an account with the bank.. i have a really good job the only thing now is that its very stressful because its retail and corporate always wants plans to increase and succeed in sales. i am a manager for a nutrition store. its nice because i have a 401k, benifits and bonuses if i meet quota. i work with a $12/hr salary and commission. i usually average 25 extra a day with sales… my bonus is very hard to meet and have only met it once since becoming manager. i must say it was a very nice extra $780..
    im reaching out to you again because i cant seem to get a solid plan going. every week im scrambling trying to figure out how im going to pay my 300 st. loan fee, my restitution fee, and im desperately trying to save for a place to live.. i live in hawaii so costs are high.. but the beauty does help relieve some stress.. can you help me with a financial plan/budget.. being homeless its tough because i have to eat take the bus to commute and stay clean.. i find that my monies is going towards that so its hard to have a consistant plan..
    well, much to my surprise i googled my situation and i thought it was funny that my last post came up as the first search..lol.. so i appreciate your commitment to what you do.. thats why i thought i would reply..


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