Have You Heard About Barron Financial. It’s a Debt Reduction Company. – Lorraine

“Dear Steve,

I my monthly credit card payments are more than I can pay $820.00 a month. I have medical bill about $1200.00 I had surgery for breast cancer this year. I cosigned on some student loans for my son. I am receiving letters that they are not being paid.

I did not pay American Express this month I have two accounts with them. How can I get them to let me make a smaller payment, reduce the interest rate and balance?

How can I get my name off the student Loans I cosigned?

Have you heard of Barron Financial a debt reduction company?


Dear Lorraine,

It is highly unlikely that the student loan lender is going to free you as a co-signer unless you found someone else to take your place and the lender approved of that person. Even then they may not want to or can’t rewrite the loan with the new co-signer.

American Express is a tough creditor to work with. Don’t expect any big concessions but it you can afford the minimum payment you might want to contact a credit counseling group and see how they might be able to assist you.

You can use the free How to Get Out of Debt Calculator to review your options.

I’m not sure which Barron Financial you are talking about. Do you have a website URL and address for them? I’d be happy to take a look at them for you but just need a specific identity of the exact company.

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